Tue. Jun 21st, 2022

As modern football becomes dominated by excessive wages, television deals and players playing away off the field, supporters can be forgiven for yearning for the golden days where they felt connected to the game.

All football supporters have a place in their heart for the one club man who was more interested in playing for his local team than rejecting his roots for the bright lights, and big pay packets, of a move to the latest club to be taken over by an Arab billionaire.

They felt connected to football legends who shared their values and goals, and most importantly, their will to win.

Troubled greats like Paul Gascoigne and George Best, super strikers Gary Lineker and Ian Rush, Matt Le-Tissier the ultimate one club man, Eric Cantona and Paulo Di-Canio as famous for their off field antics as their on field genius and super imports like Zola and Bergkamp. All these men have a special place in the hearts of their cubs fans the world over.

Other men unite an entire nation by playing a key part in moments of national glory, by scoring important World Cup goals (with their hand at times), these men are national (as well as football) legends.

Unlikely players also become heroes, cult heroes, as they make special ufabet เว็บแม่ connections with supporters. They might not have the world class footballing ability, be able to cross like Giggs or tackle like Moore, but they have passion, spirit and heart.

Bearded wonder Alan Cork became a cult hero to Sheffield United fans by scoring at Wembley against arch rivals Sheffield Wednesday in an FA Cup semi-final. Men like Alan are old school football legends.

It can take just a single goal to create a footy legend, who can forget the goal that first made David Beckham a superstar when he found the net from his old half or Tony Yeboah hitting the sweetest of volleys from outside the area for Leeds United. Strikers often become football legends by scoring wonder goals, strikes behind mere men, goals that can only be scored by a true footy legend.

In recent months, as the 2010/11 season ended, new football legends were born. The premiership was won by Manchester United, led to the title by their stars including Giggs and Rooney. Their city rivals took the FA Cup thanks in no small part to super striker Carlos Tevez.

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